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Year Make and Model Lists to Supplement Your Customer Database. 
Piston Data maintains approximately 200 million year, make and model records.  This is the largest database of its type in the U.S.  40% larger than most manufacturers and guaranteed a minimum of 95% accurate.  This is not predictive data like R.L. Polk (which is at best 70% accurate).  Learn more…
Recall Lists Within Your Franchise Lines.  
A key element in successful service marketing is to bring in NEW SERVICE CUSTOMERS by targeting vehicle owners not on your customer database that own a vehicle that has a year, make and model under open factory recall.  Let us show you how to get a 10% response from NEW SERVICE CUSTOMERS using this strategy.  Learn more…
Geo - Targeting the Exact Geography You’re Interested In. 
You know your market area better than we do.  That’s why we allow you to cherry pick the exact zip codes you want to market to for both NEW SERVICE CUSTOMERS and existing service customers.  Learn more…
Customer Database Cleansing.  
Most dealers believe they’re database is clean enough to mail to.  The truth is that you’re probably wasting 50% of your service advertising budget mailing to bad prospect and customer data.  Let Piston Data show you how much waste your current service marketing company is making you pay for.  Learn more…
Service Direct Mail. 
Statistics for 2011 showed that direct mail is still the number one way to bring in NEW SERVICE CUSTOMERS and bring back inactive service customers.  When done correctly you can grow your service department 10, 15 or 20% per month using direct mail alone.  Learn more…
Service Email Marketing. 
Let Piston Data supply you with email addresses of vehicle owners within your franchise lines that are not on your customer database.  We will also launch monthly newsletters and service and parts specials to these recipients.  We design your service marketing email templates, deploy them to customers and non-customers within your franchise lines and track the results for you.  Learn more…
Wholesale Parts Sales. 
Piston Data maintains the largest database of independent repair facilities and body shops in the country.  Many of our records also have email addresses.  Let us show you how to market wholesale parts to these groups using a combination of direct mail and email marketing.  Learn more…
Service Search Engine Optimization.  
17% of people search for automotive service on-line and the number is rising but most dealerships do not take advantage of this.  Piston Data can get you at or near the top of the first page of Google Local by pairing your dealership name and city with key service search terms such as parts, transmission, tires, brakes, batteries, air conditioning, etc. 
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