It’s that time of year and everyone is calling you and asking for your time and your Marketing Dollars, now that we’re in 2016 and budgets are getting locked in now. In an effort not to waste your time, I will let you determine if Piston Data’s marketing is worth the effort of setting an appointment to find out more or requesting a call to get started. I’m going walk you through step-by-step exactly what you will receive and should expect from your marketing dollars spent with Piston Data. I only ask two things, (1) If you have a question about anything you have read, Ask. (2) If you are spending more and getting less for your dealerships marketing dollars, HIT THE BUTTON AND SET UP A TIME TO GET MORE FROM YOUR MARKETING DOLLARS. Is that Fair?



  • Determine your preferred Market Area
    The first thing you’ll do is determine the area radius you want to market of your dealershipMarketing Radius
  • Determine Number of Open Recall With your Marketing Area
    Now that you know the area you would like to spend your marketing efforts on, we calculate how many open recalls are within that area with Zip Codes included, so you can see what recalls you would like to avoid due to not having parts, etc.Recall Counts


  • Create the Artwork for your Campaign.
    Now you design the mailer for your campaign and we create your mailers on a fully variable, 4 over 4, IGEN 4 digital press.Mailer


  • Mailing List is issued.
    After determining the number of open recalls within your market area and reviewing the data for any exclusions, you are then forwarded the complete mailing list before each mailing. All records come with name, address, year, make, model, VIN, recall number, and recall description. (Phone numbers are available on some records and have been scrubbed against the do not call list.)Mailing List


  • Inform and establish awareness of marketing campaign with your dealership.
    Keeping your staff aware of your recall marketing program is very important to maximizing your marketing efforts, so we provide online training to help your team understand exactly what to expect from the recall customers calling in for service.Free 30 Minute Training


  • Establish ROI for your campaign.
    Every 90 days we download your customer database and show you your return on investment.ROI Report2


  • The Cost of Marketing.
    Now that you know what you’re getting, you want to know the cost of campaign. Marketing Costs + Territory Exclusivity + Call Source CRM + Customer Brochures + Online Training + ROI Guarantee = $3,650 monthly spend/ $14,600 yearly spendPricing and Budget


  • The Cost-Per-Customer for Marketing.
    Now that you know the cost of campaign, you want to know the cost to acquire each customer campaign. This will vary by campaign, depending on exactly how much work you put in.Response Rate and Cost Per Lead


  • The Life Time Value of Customers acquired with Marketing.
    Now that you know the Cost-Per-Customer acquisition, you want to know the Lifetime value of the customer acquired. The amount of CPL and the number of years you keep the customer will be based on you and your dealership. You know as I do that some customers can have a LTV of $20K or more, if treated right by you and your staff. life_time_value

The calculation is based on the customer acquired with marketing: (Average value of service) x (Number of repeat transactions) x (Average retention of a customer in months/years) = Estimated Lifetime Value. For most dealership service departments , the average calculation may be: Average service repair order ($300) x average 4 transactions per year ($1200) x Average retention 3 years = ($4,750). So the average lifetime value of a customer is $4,750k in revenue.


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