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Recall Completion Outreach. Legal or Illegal?

There has been a lot of confusion amongst Dealership principals when it comes to recalls and recall completion outreach or as we call it here at Piston Data, Recall Marketing. Some have even made erroneous statements, saying that recall marketing is illegal, which is so far from truth that it completely goes against everything that Federal safety regulators and automakers are […]

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CarMax, Consumer Groups Spar over Recall Repair Responsibility

By: Arlena Sawyers

When a consumer wants to buy a used vehicle with an unfixed safety recall from a CarMax Inc. store, who should be responsible for making sure the problem gets fixed?

Consumer advocacy groups say CarMax, the nation’s largest used-vehicle retailer, should do it — and before the sale. CarMax says it discloses the pending recall […]

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There Has Been A Lot Of Dealership Owners, GMs, & SMs Wondering About The Benefits of Recall Completion Outreach.

There has been much attention recently regarding the efforts made to complete recalls in a timely and effective manner. Significant, high-profile recalls have garnered media attention as well as regulatory scrutiny as OEMs, Automakers, & Dealerships have faced challenges in ensuring consumers respond to recall notifications and have repairs completed. Recall Completion Outreach is not […]

GM’s Near You Are Keeping A Secret!

The news about recall marketing is clearly not being shared by GM’s who are #WINNING, by going after recalls and turning them into profits centers for their dealership.

But according to Robbie Long, service director for the dealer Ray Chevrolet, recalls have turned into an opportunity. Hundreds of customers bringing old cars into the family-owned dealerships […]

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Are You In? NADA 2016: Vegas, Baby!

January is a great time to retool and get ready for this year at your dealership. If you agree that better organization and better processes will allow you to improve your sales revenue, your service department revenue, and your overall business, then planning is the key to success.

Take a stab at planning in January. I […]

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Dealership Marketing–“If It Isn’t Making Dollars – Then It Isn’t Making Sense”

It’s that time of year and everyone is calling you and asking for your time and your Marketing Dollars, now that we’re in 2016 and budgets are getting locked in now. In an effort not to waste your time, I will let you determine if Piston Data’s marketing is worth the effort of setting an […]

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Cost-Per-Lead-Focused Marketing a Comprehensive Approach to Dealership Marketing.

As 2015 has come and gone, the New Year gives you the opportunity to set new goals and grow your dealership’s market share with your marketing efforts. Nobody really talks about it except the automobile manufacturer which is gaining ground, but it’s an extremely important number which is commonly overlooked by an individual auto dealer […]

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Persuading Owners of Recall Vehicles to Give You More Service Business In 2016

The number of recalls by automakers has risen steadily in the U.S. for the past two decades. For the first three quarters of 2015, there was roughly 141 recalls, covering about 34 million vehicles, which means it is pacing a bit below 2014’s numbers, the NHTSA says. 2014 marked a record year for vehicle recalls in the […]

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Merry Christmas From The Entire Piston Data Team.

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Dealer Insights – Year End Tax Strategies That Can Save Your Dealership Money

The last two months of the year are an Opportunity for Dealerships to engage in Year-End Tax Planning. Making some timely tax moves now might enable you to save big money on your 2015 tax bill. Following are a few areas of your dealership to discuss with your CPA.

Inventory Management

Compare the detail shown on your […]

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